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Work Packages

The project will last 36 months, and the work plan has been divided in 6 Work Packages.


LEADER: LCPO, Université de Bordeaux, France Design of smart nanocapsules with enzyme and/or pH triggered release of hydrophobic or hydrophilic actives

This WP will be dedicated to the optimization of the emulsifier HLB to stabilize either hydrophilic or lipophilic active ingredients. The assembled nanocapsules will be selected in terms of their size, stability and ability to release the actives.


LEADER: POLYMAT, Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, Spain Production of smart nanocapsules using industrially-relevant manufacturing processes under cosmetic GMP

This WP will be dedicated to the production of nanocapsules with industrially relevant processes, namely High Pressure Homogenizer and Tubular flow membrane contactor, according to the Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice (ISO 22716).


LEADER: AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories LTD, Israel Validation of smart nanocapsules in relevant skin conditions

This WP will focus on the validation of the action of the nanocapsules for the skin conditions considered in PeptiCaps using validated skin models. Those results will be gathered to put together the “Dossier” required for the validation of the nanocapsules as new cosmetic ingredients.


LEADER: Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri, Italy Risk and safety assessment of smart nanocapsules. Software to predict risk and safety of nanomaterials

The tasks of this WP will be dedicated to the study of the toxicity and ecotoxicity of the nanocapsules to ensure its safe used for future commercialization. Those analysis will be included in the Dossier for the validation of the nanocapsules as safe cosmetic ingredient. In addition, computer software will be developed to predict the safety of nanomaterials.


LEADER: SPINVERSE, Finland Business and Dissemination Plan

This important WP will aim at first advertising the projects and its outcome via conference or publication to the scientific community as well as industries and general public. In addition, a business analysis and strategy to commercialize PeptiCaps nanocapsules will be established. Plans for exploitation of the outcomes, including IPR-strategy, will be established to finally deliver a business plan.


LEADER: IK4-CIDETEC, Spain Project Management and Scientific Coordination

WP6 will guarantee optimal administrative, financial, contractual as well as scientific consortium management. One important task of this WP for the success of the project will be to ensure efficient communication and fruitful collaboration between the partners.