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PeptiCaps aims at producing and validating a new family of smart nanocapsules to encapsulate and protect fragile active ingredients for the treatment of skin conditions affecting wide number of people, such as irritant and allergic contact dermatitis, skin UV-damage and pigmentation. Those nanocapsules will be designed to encapsulate, either hydrophilic or lipophilic actives, and more importantly the release of those compounds will be triggered by the changes in pH and enzyme concentration characteristic of those skin conditions, ensuring its delivery at the site to be treated.

The skin, the largest human organ, acts as a barrier between the organism and the external environment for UV protection, against physical and chemical damage and microbiological attack, for the maintenance of body temperature and sensorial functions (pain and temperature). However, modern style of

life implies contact with large amount of chemicals in everyday products as well as over-exposition to UV light, mainly for leisure activities and outdoors workers. Those frequent exposures harm the skin, resulting in an increase of conditions such as contact and allergic dermatitis, skin photo-damage and pigmentation.

Thus, new products designed to protect the skin from those contemporary afflictions are urgently needed. To do so, nanoencapsulation technology will be validated as new cosmetic ingredient, for the transport and efficient release of natural active ingredients to repair the skin.

Cosmetics objectives

  • Efficient action of the nanocapsules for skin recovery
  • Risk and safety assessment of the nanocapsules
  • Cosmetic product validation

Scientific objectives

  • Optimization of the nanocapsules design
  • Production of nanocapsules via industrially relevant process
  • Treatment of skin conditions