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Cosmetics objectives

Efficient action of the nanocapsules for skin recovery

The efficient protection and targeted release of the active ingredients encapsulated into the nanocapsules to recover healthy skin will be demonstrated. To do so, validated skin models will be used to avoid animal testing, as specified by to EU Cosmetic Regulations 1223/2009. Comparison with free and microencapsulated active ingredient will prove the higher efficiency of PeptiCaps nanosized vehicle in cosmetic formulation.

Risk and safety assessment of the nanocapsules

Toxicity and ecotoxicity of the nanocapsules will be tested according to OECD guidelines to ensure their potential use as cosmetic ingredient. In addition, new software will be developed to predict nanosafety of new engineered materials.

Cosmetic product validation

Production according to Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice (ISO 22716), (eco)toxicity assessment and full nanocharacterization of the nanocapsules will be gathered in the product “Dossier” for the validation of the nanocapsules as new cosmetic ingredients by the EU cosmetic authorities, according to EU Cosmetic Regulations 1223/2009.